For those of you that need a little fairy dust help.

Need a little help with our Photoshop Plugin? We’ll don’t worry, we all need a helping hand sometimes. Watch over some of the videos below and that should clear up most of the questions you might have.

Edit Artwork Perspectives

It’s pretty simple so there is no need to watch this video…but if you’re like us and have nothing better to do, then by all means watch the video!

Mockup a Website or Desktop

Perspective Mockups can mockup any sized Photoshop canvas, not just mobile designs. You can mockup anything from a desktop design, app design, website design or even a photograph! It’s the same process but just different sizes!

Different Sizes

Present different sized mockups in your perspectives using Perspective Mockups. Just edit the canvas size of the individual smart objects to create a dynamic effect. Great example here